Tips For Choosing The Best Supermarket Floral Case

13 September 2017
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If you have a smaller and privately owned supermarket, then you may want to consider selling flowers to attract more customers. This is a good way to expand your clientele, but you will need to invest in a floral cooler. Keep reading to learn about a few tips that will help you get the correct one. Make Sure The Product Is For Flowers If you already have a food service refrigerator case, then you may want to buy an additional one of these cases for your flowers. Read More 

How To Clean Your Hood Vent

17 August 2017
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The vent above your stove helps capture those all those wonderful smells and steam when you're cooking, pulling them out of your house. The vent can accumulate with dust, dirt, grime, grease and other debris, making it filthy and full of bacteria - not exactly something you want near the food your cooking for your family. Cleaning the vent is an essential maintenance task in order to keep it running like new. Read More 

How To Keep Your Stainless Appliances Shiny And New

17 July 2017
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Stainless steel appliances look beautiful when they come out of the box, but after a few uses, some tiny fingers touching everything (including your new appliances), and your fur baby's nose inspecting (smudging) the new appliance, they may not look quite as beautiful as they once did. Life happens, but it doesn't mean your appliances can't still look like new. See below for some helpful cleaning tips for your stainless. Read More 

Washer Failing to Drain? Here Are a Few of the Most Common Problems

13 March 2017
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You open your washer only to find that it's filled with wet clothing. If your washer is failing to drain, two things could happen: you could either get a washer filled with water (front loading), or your washer could actually give you an error and refuse to open (side loading). Either way, you're going to have to solve the problem. Your Pipes Could Be Clogged The first thing you should check is to make sure that the drainage pipe isn't clogged. Read More 

Tips For Buying Restaurant Appliances For Your New Eatery – New And Old Equipment

3 June 2016
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Starting a restaurant of any size is a pretty expensive venture. The bulk of your expenses will most likely go towards the appliances, and the cost of this equipment can quickly go over budget. This is why many new restaurant owners look into purchasing used appliances. Keep reading to learn a few things about buying new and used restaurant equipment to help you decide which option is right for you and your new eating establishment. Read More