4 Things To Look For In A Stand-Up Freezer

9 June 2022
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If you need extra space for frozen food storage, a stand-up freezer is one of the best ways to get the storage you need. When shopping for a stand-up freezer, there are a few different traits you should look for. 


The first thing you need to pay attention to is capacity. The capacity of a stand-up freezer can range significantly, providing you with a range of just a few cubic feet of space to many cubic feet of space. The larger the cubic feet of the freezer, the more area you will have to store food. The food storage space will be divided up among the shelves inside the freezer with a stand-up freezer. 

Consider how much food you want to store to determine what capacity works best for you. You want to ensure that you get enough space to meet your needs. 

Defrosting Style

With a stand-up freezer, you can choose between either a manual or automatic defrosting option. With a manual freezer, to keep the cold air flowing, you will need to unplug the freezer, take everything out, and allow the frost to melt away. You will have to do this at least once a year.

With an automatic defrosting feature, this will happen automatically, without you having to take food out of your freezer. This allows you to safely use your freezer and keep the cold air flowing without going through the entire defrost routine on your own. 

An automatic defrosting freezer, also known as a frost-free or self-defrosting freezer, can make it easier to operate your stand-up freezer; however, you will have to pay for that convenience. 


There are different styles of stand-up freezers. Some are made for a garage, and others are made for being inside a home. A stand-up freezer in the garage is made to be used out in your garage, where the temperatures can fluctuate greatly. If you don't have the space in your home, a garage-ready stand-up freezer gives you more choices on where you can install the appliance. 

Reversible Door

If you are not sure where you want to install the freezer or want to be able to move the freezer around, you will want to get one with a reversible door. With a reversible door, you can change how the door swings, from either the left or the right. This can allow you to switch the location of the door to fit with the changing needs of your space.

When purchasing a stand-up freezer, you will need to consider what capacity you need, if you want an automatic or manual defrost feature, if you want a freezer that is garage-ready, and if you want a reverse door.