3 Reasons Your Dishwasher Could Be Leaking And Need Repairs

10 August 2021
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A dishwasher makes dish-washing easier and a bit more convenient. However, it may also make the washing process tedious and time-consuming when it's not in perfect condition. One of the serious problems you may experience with your dishwasher is leaking. You might not always easily know when your dishwasher is leaking, but certain signs can be obvious. For instance, when you find pools of water under the appliance, then just know it could be leaking for various reasons. If your dishwasher is leaking, contact an appliance repair service to identify the possible causes and offer repairs. 

Here are some reasons you might have a leaky dishwasher and the parts that might need repairs.

Overfilling the Dishwasher

The dishwasher has a limit to the amount of water it can hold during cleaning. Unfortunately, it can take in excess water if the float valve can't drain out the water properly. Consequently, the excess water is forced out from the dishwasher, creating a mess since it is not draining correctly. You should call a repair professional to assess the float valve and other components for any damage and the likely cause. In case the appliance has developed other issues, ensure you inform the repair technician to ensure they correctly repair it.

Leaks in the Door 

One of the causes of a leaky dishwasher is a faulty or damaged dishwasher door. Usually, a door latch that's loose or even bent will definitely cause the leaks. You can resolve this by using a screwdriver to fasten the latch or replace it with a new latch. The gasket is usually the rubber enclosure on the door, and it could also cause leaks when it's damaged. If the gasket is extensively damaged, it should be replaced. If you try all you can to stop the leaks in vain, then it's advisable to contact an appliance repair pro to fix the problem.

Leaks in the Tub

As your dishwasher ages, detergents and also minerals might cause the dishwasher tub to rust, resulting in indents where water seeps as it flows to and from the dishwasher. Some tubs are easy to fix, but others might be a bit difficult, especially if the appliance is too old. However, you should always let a professional assess the tub to advise you on whether the tub should be repaired or replaced.

With an efficient dishwasher, cleaning the utensils becomes simple and more enjoyable. However, a leaking appliance can be frustrating because of the puddles of water released on the kitchen floor. A leaking dishwasher should be repaired quickly before it creates a huge mess in your kitchen. If you ignore the leaks, the water puddles will damage the electronic appliances in the kitchen. So invest in repair appliance services whenever you notice your dishwasher is leaking or has developed another problem.