Tips For Choosing The Right Countertop For Your Kitchen

29 October 2018
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Are you in the process of planning a kitchen renovation? Whether you're going all out and gutting the space, or just making a few changes, the one thing that will have a great impact on the look is your countertops. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you select the countertop that will meet your needs and look great in the process.

Color Palette

Create a color palette of all of the materials that you have already selected or are considering. What you want to do is put all of the colors and materials on one board so that you can see how they all coordinate together.

Once you have all of the samples in place, you'll be able to take that color palette with you as you shop for the countertop that will pull the room together. This will help you avoid making some poor decisions and having to make several trips here and there to get the supplies that you need to complete the project.


Granite, concrete, and laminate – oh, my! The different materials used to create stunning countertops are numerous. You can find anything from standard gray concrete to the most extravagant marble countertops and everything in between.

You'll need to consider the following when choosing the material:

Price: Pricing varies greatly from one product to another. You may love the look of granite, but are sticking to a laminate budget – you'll surely find something to fit your budget while getting the look that you need.

Durability: Some materials will hold up to abuse better than others. If you know that you'll be putting the countertop through quite a bit of abuse over the years, lean towards granite, quartz, or laminate.

Care Requirements: Some materials will require special care, or cleaned and/or polished with special products.


Sometimes you'll find a countertop that you love, but it may take a while to get cut to size. If you don't have the time to wait, you may need to find a close alternative or put the project on hold until the countertops can be completed.


Will you be doing the installation work on your own, or will you be having the professionals install it? If you're doing the work yourself, make sure to select a countertop material that is easy to work with. Laminate countertops are likely going to be the easiest to get installed on your own.

Talk with the countertop professionals to get more assistance in selecting the countertop that will finish your kitchen.