Two Signs That It's Time For A New Air Conditioning Unit

4 August 2018
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Cooling off your home with a standalone air conditioning (AC) unit can be a great way to save some cash. Standalone or window AC units are efficient because they keep you from having to cool your entire house when you're only inhabiting a single portion of it at a time. Because you don't want to risk having your unit go out and being forced to endure the heat it's important for you to pay attention to the device so you'll know when it's about to go on the fritz. If any of the following symptoms start to show up it might be time for you to replace your air conditioner.

Your AC Unit Is Louder Than Usual

When your AC unit is operating the way that it should you'll notice that it usually gives off a pleasant humming sound. It's not overly noisy and the sound can easily be relegated to the background. If you notice that your AC unit is starting to give off a clanging sound that is hard to ignore there might be a problem brewing that you need to address immediately.

The AC unit could be giving off the loud sounds because some of the parts are starting to wear out. If you don't either replace those parts right away or get a new unit you could be facing a total shutdown that leaves you in a desert-like environment.

Excessive Water Pours From Your Unit

If you have a standalone AC system there is usually a tray just beneath it that catches the moisture that comes from the unit while it's running. It's not an excessive amount and you probably don't have to empty the tray very often.

When the unit starts to wear out you could find yourself having to empty the tray nearly every day in order to prevent a serious leakage issue. This applies to window units as well. You might notice that a small pool is starting to form under the window where you have the device placed. This could prove hazardous so it's best to go ahead and replace the unit that you have before the problem becomes even worse.

You can head over to a local appliance dealer to check out the latest AC units and select the one that has all of the features that you need. After you put in your new AC unit you'll be able to enjoy a strong flow of cool air once again.