How To Reinforce Your Condenser Cover

8 November 2017
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Your air conditioner, even if it is just a few years old, is not going to be as efficient as it was when you first installed it. The fact of the matter is, AC systems can get very dirty and become less efficient over the years. The problem is obviously more severe if you don't practice some regular maintenance. You don't need to have a lot money or experience on working with HVAC systems to do some basic repairs yourself. This article looks at the importance of using a cover for your condenser unit when it comes to the longterm efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning system.

The Importance of Covering Your Condenser

Covering your condenser unit whenever you aren't using it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure that your air conditioner is being productive and efficient. The condenser is an essential component to any AC system, so proper care is vital. Since the condenser is on the outside of the building, it is exposed to the elements and it is going to get dirty. Not only do you need to regularly clean your condenser, you also need to keep it covered whenever it is shut off for long periods of time. That is, you obviously want to cover it during the winter, especially if you live somewhere that it snows and freezes. You could also cover it if you are going out of town for couple of weeks or months. You don't want to bother covering it just because you aren't going to use it one day, but is definitely worthwhile for longer periods of time.

Fortifying Your Cover

Condensers usually come with a simple cover. However, this can often be flimsy and unreliable. Not only should you secure your condenser cover by binding it down, you can also reinforce the top to make sure it is completely waterproof. That is, it is helpful if you have a wooden board that is exact same size as the top of the condenser unit. This board should fully cover the protective cage (also known as the bird guard) on the top of the condenser. Then, when you put the condenser cover over the unit with the board in place, you have a more reliable cover that will prevent the weight of snow build up from ruining the cover and cage.

A condenser cover is vital, but it will be even more helpful if you fortify it with a wooden board. Contact a service like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service to learn more.