Tips For Choosing The Best Supermarket Floral Case

13 September 2017
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If you have a smaller and privately owned supermarket, then you may want to consider selling flowers to attract more customers. This is a good way to expand your clientele, but you will need to invest in a floral cooler. Keep reading to learn about a few tips that will help you get the correct one.

Make Sure The Product Is For Flowers

If you already have a food service refrigerator case, then you may want to buy an additional one of these cases for your flowers. However, this is not a good idea. Food cases do differ from floral varieties. One of the biggest differences is that a food cooler will fluctuate within a temperature range. This assists with the cycling of the refrigeration unit and the conserving of energy. The typical refrigeration unit will fluctuate about five degrees up of down. This is normal and similar to the way your home refrigerator works. 

Delicate flowers cannot withstand temperature fluctuations once they are cut. To help keep your flowers alive for as long as possible, the refrigeration units keep temperatures within a range of two or three degrees. Also, high humidity levels must be retained and this is accomplished with the movement of air that uses baffles instead of fans.

High humidity levels that keep flowers moist can cause corrosion, so the internal components of the cases are covered in a corrosion resistant coating. This coating as well as the special functions of the unit make the cases a bit more expensive than traditional food varieties.

Pick Special Features

You may notice that flower coolers have a wide variety of special features that need to be chosen. These features are important when it comes to the overall function of the unit. There are a few things you should focus on like ENERGY STAR ratings and energy efficiency controls. Since flower units need to maintain a more consistent environment, they will use more energy simply because they need to run for longer periods of time. An efficient product can help you reduce your energy costs. Fast closing doors can also assist with this.

You have the option of choosing a floral case with glass on all four side or with a mirrored section in the back. Consider the way that you want your products featured. Highlighting flowers is best accomplished with bright LED lighting as well, so make sure that these lights are found on the cases as well. 

Locking doors and other features are available too, so speak with your appliance specialist to investigate the types of options that are available and which are best to meet your needs. Visit a site like for more help.