Tips For Buying Restaurant Appliances For Your New Eatery – New And Old Equipment

3 June 2016
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Starting a restaurant of any size is a pretty expensive venture. The bulk of your expenses will most likely go towards the appliances, and the cost of this equipment can quickly go over budget. This is why many new restaurant owners look into purchasing used appliances. Keep reading to learn a few things about buying new and used restaurant equipment to help you decide which option is right for you and your new eating establishment.

1. Make A Game Plan

Start by making a list of all the appliances you need for your new restaurant. Also write down how many of each type of appliance you need. It's not uncommon for large restaurants to have more than one oven, stove, refrigerator, and freezer. Do some legwork and find out the going price of top-rated, brand new appliances and used appliances. Also check out the prices of new and used middle-of-road brand items. You can find this information easily by talking with other restaurant owners and checking local sales ads. Indicate an approximate budget for each item you need to purchase.

2. Be Ready To Negotiate

It's not only acceptable to negotiate while purchasing restaurant appliances, but it's expected. You may not be able to negotiate the price of the appliance, but you can ask the seller to throw in some additional items if you purchase the item you're contemplating. For example, if you are looking at buying an oven, ask the seller if you buy it right now, if he or she will throw in the stainless steel table you also have your eye on. Or ask the seller to throw in a food processor and mixer.

3. Always Get A Guarantee

New appliances typically come with a guarantee and/or warranty. If you've decided to purchase a used item, then make sure you get some type of guarantee in writing. This guarantee may not extend the warranty, but it will give you assurance that the appliance will run for a least a little while. The biggest reason people buy used equipment is to save money, but if you start adding on the cost of extended warranties and guarantees, you could end up spending the same amount of money as a brand new machine. So be wary of how much you're spending on warranties and guarantees.

4. Stick With Standard Used Appliances

If you find an awesome used stove but it's missing a handle or button, that's fine. Knobs and handles are very easy to replace if you have a standard appliance. The main concern is that your used appliance works today and will work into the future. But if you are looking for something fancier, like a combination steamer and convection oven, then you are better off purchasing a brand new one because you'll get a better/longer warranty. Many times you also get information on how to regularly clean and maintain that specific piece of equipment, which you don't always get with the purchase of a used appliance that isn't as standard or familiar.

5. Additional Tips On Buying Specific Appliances Used Or New

Ovens –  It's perfectly acceptable to buy used ovens– just make sure all the sensors and temperature controls are working properly, as these are the most problematic issues.

Gas Ranges –  It's a very good idea to buy a used gas range. Just make sure it puts out enough BTUs to handle the type of food you'll be preparing. Remember, the higher the BTUs, the quicker food will heat up.

Grills –  If possible, buy a new grill. If you do end up purchasing a used one, give it a good visual inspection to make sure the inside hasn't burnt out. You are looking for warped and distorted metal inside the grill. Also make sure the surface is flat. Check the grates to ensure they are also flat.

Fryers –  It's okay to buy used fryers, as long as you get a written guarantee that the thermostat is working properly. Try to get the thermostat calibrated before you bring it to your restaurant. And if you don't already know when and how to change the oil, and how to clean and maintain it, then get all that info from the salesperson.

Now you have a lot of good information to help you decide if you should buy new or used appliances for your new restaurant. If you have any questions about these items, ask the salespeople for restaurant appliances for sale. They will be happy to help you.