Options In Grills For Apartment Living

25 December 2018
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One thing you may hate about living in an apartment is the lack of space for grilling. Even if you have a garden apartment with your own patio, there might not be enough space for a full-size grill. Plus, there may even be restrictions on the type of grill you can use if you can have one at all. You may not be completely out of luck since there are compact grills available that you can buy, even from big-name grill makers. One of these could be a great option if you're allowed to have a grill on your patio or balcony. Here are some grills that could be a good choice for apartment life.

Compact Gas Grills

You can buy a gas grill that's compact yet still has plenty of cooking room to grill dinner for your family. These are designed for use in small spaces and have features like folding side tables so they don't take up a lot of room when they're not in use. Some gas grills that use small propane tanks are lightweight and small enough to be portable so you can take the grill to an approved cooking area if necessary.

Electric Grills

While an electric grill might not be your first choice in a dream grill, these grills are often allowed on balconies when other grills aren't. These come in tabletop models as well as being on stands just like a traditional grill. Electric grills are often small so they don't take up much space, and you don't have much choice in where you can place one since it needs to be close to an outlet. While an electric grill might not give the same flavor as a gas or charcoal grill, you'll still be able to enjoy the fun of outdoor cooking when other types of grills aren't an option.

Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are the original light and portable grill. The problem with charcoal grills is they are the most likely to be prohibited by your apartment complex. However, if you have a first-floor apartment with a patio, a charcoal grill might be permitted, or there might be a communal grilling area on the grounds where you can take your grill to cook. While that's not convenient, you'll at least get to enjoy the delicious taste of food cooked on charcoal. You can buy a grill on legs that fold for easy portability or a small tabletop grill that makes it easy to use just about anywhere.

Just because you live in an apartment, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't enjoy outdoor cooking. Visit a grill dealer and look at the options available for grilling in small spaces. Be sure to check with your apartment complex first to make sure grills are allowed and what type you can use.